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Hearty congratulations for taking this initiave.


It was wonderful to interact with the green bhumi team. They are so passionate about creating a sustainable planet.

Good initiative

It’s very good to see efforts towards reducing Environmental pollution by reducing non-recyclable garbage. Quality Products for a Noble Cause! Way to go!

Sanjivini Eco Solutions

Thank you

Hi Everyone,

Its been 3.5 years now ,I have been using this menstrual cup along with the cloth pad.
Extremely happy with the comfort I get during my periods.Especially when you are travelling and working in office for long hours and also when you go out for adventure sports etc
Financial part:
I invested 1200 /- 3.5 years
People who understand maths
Lets have a look
Basic whisper cost 35rupees
Full paise Vasool and the comfort what I have got is priceless.
✓Easy to handle and maintain
✓No more rashes
✓No more discomfort
✓less carbon footprint
✓ Eco friendly product
✓ One time investment
Demerits of using plastic pads:
Pad are made with plastic,some chemicals/gel
×Create pollution
×Harmful to the body
×Disposing is a big challenge
Cool products and recommend for ladies above 18years.

Happy and safe periods!!
Celebrate the womanhood ??

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